Agility, Rally Obedience and Obedience
The first picture is Lilly (Applea Magic Elixor) owned by Madeline Fraser completing a tunnel with one turn to find the rat. The second is Delilah (FCC Ch CoBo Einze Graefin) owned by myself in a mock up of a set up in a Jr Earth Dog trial with everything closed in. The rat is under the panel with 2 nobs in a cage behind a grill and the dog has to "work" the rat by digging and/or barking to alert the handler they have found the rat. Here Delilah is beginning to "work" the rat.


Attached is a picture of part of the set up. In behind the wooden tunnels is a game they called the "Halifax Dump" with lots of "garbage". The dogs had to locate a rat hidden in a tube in the garbage. They were timed and the handler had to tell the tester when their dog had located the rat. Last picture is one of Delilah in the "dump".

This next group of photo's were made available by Florence Outhouse. The details of the pictures are:
  1. Ch CoBo Redy N Able At Applea, PCD, CGN, RA (Able) competing in Novice Rally Obediance. (Walter Norris Photography)
  2. Ch Ramaja Autumn Colours, CD, CGC, TT, RN, SADC (Robin) competing in Novice Rally Obediance. (Walter Norris Photography)
  3. All Agility Photo's are Ch Applea Funny Girl, PCD, AGN, AGNJ, ADC, RA (Jill) (Craig Lizott Photography)
  4. Final Picture Ch Applea Funny Girl, PDC, AGN,AGNJ,ADC, RA (Jill) completing her Advanced Rally Obediance Title with High in Class.