Canadian Miniature Pinscher Club National Specialty
Saturday, August 15, 2009
Specialty Judge: Eugene Blake
Sweepstakes Judge: Michael Guy

Best In Specialty:Ch Altanero Red Alert

Winners Male Regatta's Reason for Treason
Reserve Winners Male Wilmarfarm Man About Town
Winners Female Pinache's Marcipin
Reserve Winners Female Fabert's Tiny Malee BlackSnow
Best Of Breed Ch Altanero Red Alert
Best Of Opposite Sex Ch The Hibbyhibby Shake at Weepin
Best Of Winners Pinache's Marcipin
Best Puppy Ch The HibbyHibby Shake At Weepin
Award Of Merit Ch Dazzling Prince Amnon
Brace Pinache's Marcipin & Pinache's Dancin Bellerina

Saturday August 15Th,2009

The Miniature Pinscher National Specialty, will be held in conjunction with the Thousand Islands Kennel and Obedience Club.

Location: Brockville, Ontario
Closing Date: July 28,2009
Contact: Diana Edwards Show Services
Conformation Judge: Eugene Blake, Tulas, OK
Sweepstakes Judge: Michael Guy, Brockville, Ontario
Show Chairperson: Myles Herbert,
Co-Chairperson: Marg Bauer,
Trophies/Prizes: Heather Nicol,
Raffle/Silent Auction: Sue Caillier,

The closest large airport is Ottawa with a smaller airport in Kingston, I am not sure if Kingston can handle dogs. It is a bit closer than Ottawa though. Ottawa has car rentals and does handle dogs on many flights.

The Miniature Pinscher National Specialty will be exhibited indoors. An indoor I think is advantageous , in case of bad weather, for the Toy Group. The arena is very clean and tidy. Usually, in the arena there is obedience going on, on the one end, but not all the time. Usually there are about three exhibition rings and just a few vendors on the same arena floor. Parking is pretty good. It is close to the main highway, highway 401 maybe five minutes away. Restaurants are ample along the street, where the show site is, as we as gas stations. There is an excellent grocery store nearby. They also have a separate "grooming" room but you have to reserve a space---it is also air conditioned. Washrooms are close to ring side.

Submitted By.......Heather Nicol
Treasurer for the Canadian Miniature Pinscher Club

We would also like to say, Thank You for the donations already received. Not alll categories have been filled.
Biography: Michael Guy RN, MN, BA.

Michael Guy will be judgeing the Puppy Sweepstakes for the Club

Michael's parents bred Chow Chows in England. It was at the end of the leash of Chow Chow puppies that Michael learned to handle dogs. Growing up Michael had the opportunity to learn about other breeds and assisted in their kennels; learning to critique puppies from a breeder’s perspective. Activities growing up included handling of Golden Retrievers, Samoyeds, Irish wolfhounds, Yorkshire Terriers, Chihuahuas, Pomeranians, Papillion, Pugs, and of course Chow Chows

Michael’s first Pekingese was a rescue, followed shortly by Michael co- owning, and whelping, his first litter of Pekingese in 1987. Leahcim Kennels was established in 1989. In 20 plus years Michael had owned and bred many Canadian and American champion Pekingese. He Received the Canadian Pedigree Breeders’ award twice and then received a Register of Merit Breeder award from The Pekingese Club of America in 2006. Michael continues to breed Pekingese and Chow Chow, inheriting the Chow Chows from his parent’s.

Michael has always enjoyed critiquing his own, and others dogs, and it is a natural progression that his interests are moving to the next chapter and exploring the judging aspect of the dog world. He has currently judged all groups at the sanction match level and continues to seek sanction match assignments.