CMPC Downloads

The following files are a compressed database of the entire Top Dog Judging for the years 1988 to 2007 for the Miniature Pinschers.
I have put these files in a .rar - Winrar file and a .zip - Winzip file. You will need one of these utilities to open these files. They were compressed to make them smaller and easier to download. Once opened, You can use wordpad to view the .doc files that will be available.
For best results, use Microsoft word or Open Office to view these files as wordpad will work, but the formating of the text may look off. As soon as I am able, I will also offer these files in pdf form for those of you that enjoy Adobe Reader or Acrobat.

Miniature Pinscher 1988-2007 Judging Zip file (648 kb)
Miniature Pinscher 1988-2007 Judging Rar file (532 kb)

Open Office - Free Office Suite
WinRar file compression / decompression tool
WinZip file compression / decompression tool