Code of Ethics

  1. The member is urged to be familiar with the Canadian Miniature Pinscher standard and will do everything in his power to discourage breeding of clearly inferior specimens.
  2. No member shall knowingly sell any Miniature Pinscher to any pet shop, wholesale dealer, or in any way knowingly offer for auction, raffle, or as a give away prize, a specimen of our beloved breed. A member becoming engaged in any of the above shall automatically forfeit membership.
  3. Members are urged when selling or offering for sale a Miniature Pinscher that they:
    • (A) Advertise only actually true information with no misleading exaggerations or unfounded implications of superiority.
    • (B) cover all transactions in writing with bills of sale reflecting all details there of.
    • (C) practice NO deception of any kind.
    • (D) shall use Non-Breeding Agreement forms when disposing of pets not intended for future breeding, and urge the spaying or neutering of such animals by the purchaser's.
    • (E) shall urge that at the purchaser's expense (or otherwise agreed upon) a purchased animal be examined by a vet within seven days.
    • (F) shall provide purchaser with details of proper feeding, general care, and advisable innoculations.
  4. Members are urged to mate only healthy, mature animals which can be guaranteed to be of sound temperament, free of clearly defined and understood congential defects, free of other permanent disqualifying faults set out in official standards of C.K.C.
  5. Members shall keep meticulously accurate written records of the details of all matings, births, registrations etc; as required by the C.K.C.
  6. Members are urged when breeding:
    • (A) to conscientiously plan the placing of the expected resulting offspring.
    • (B) have the time and facility to provide proper care and attention to the physical and emotional development of puppies.