Rainbow Bridge

Before I grow too frail and weak, And all that's left is peace in sleep,
I know you'll do what must be done, To end this fight that can't be won.
I don't fear death as humans do, So let me try to comfort you,
Come, let us take a quiet stroll, And share some quietness soul to soul.
No need for words 'twixt you and I, No need to say a last good-bye,
We've grown so close in mind and heart, It seems so cruel that we must part.
Be sure I sense the pain you'll feel, Without me walking at your heel,
The days will feel full of despair, Your "Sunshine" simply won't be there.
In time the pain will slowly wane, You'll think of me and smile again,
You'll speak with love and pride again, Your extra special Mini Pin.
Now take me where my needs they'll tend, And stay there with me till the end,
Hold me close with soft good-byes, 'Till life's bright light has left my eyes.
The final sound I need to hear, Is your soft voice upon my ear.
Your loving face will fade and dim, As the rush of heaven closes in.
These are our friends that have passed on. It is here that we remember our special friends that have made ours lives that much better.
JafeAfter 15 years, three months and eleven days, 10 “ tall JAFE - aka CH. Misthill Jafe Back To Weeskelf, has gone off to join her dad – CH Castlemag’s Flashback of Jothona and her mom CH Weeskelf Misthills Black Magic at the Rainbow Bridge. Jafe enjoyed her life I think, even though she had to take a back seat to Can Bda CH Weeskelf This Is Who Deenie for a long while, but they worked it out. Deenie allowed Jafe to think she was the Queen bee, but they all knew it wasn’t for real – not while Deenie was alive anyway! Jafe had the run of the house even though she was blind and deaf to most noises. She could still hear an electric can opener working and always thought it was her feeding time. Jafe recently became more disoriented and confused. It was nothing for her to climb onto your lap, only to jump off and then back up, 15 times in 15 minutes. I believe this is called Dementia! I wasn’t too sure what the constant sneezing was all about until the enlarged eye started. At her age we were not going to verify if a tumor was behind it all. When she let us know she had had enough, I “used my head not my heart” and gave her peace and at last made her pain free. JAFE got her name when my husband thought that another min pin was Just Another Friggin Expense– July 5, 1993 – October 16, 2008. Enjoy your new found freedom girl, and don’t let Deenie boss you around up there…. We dearly miss you already! Sue Caillier, Mojo, Lacey, Zoey & Mannie at WEESKELF